Customs English Club

The COVID-19 pandemic is extending around the globe. Affecting every continent and state, people, all areas of life and professional activities. This pandemic has reminded us in the most powerful way that we are closely interconnected and only as strong as our weakest link. Only by working together in solidarity, we can end the pandemic and effectively tackle its consequences.
Therefore, this morning (11/11) Sabang Customs English Club (CEC) conducted a simulation of the United Nations General Assembly. The agenda was sharing ideas to end this pandemic and the impacts. The intended impact is not only about health, but also in economic, social, and cultural.
In this assembly, every council from each nations gave their presentation about what did they done to combat this pandemic and its impact.
This simulation was held with hope of increasing employees interest in using English, as well as being a platform for exchanging information about the latest news on the handling of the Covid pandemic around the world.